Durga Holzhauser’s Soul Art

Durga Holzhauser

“Hi I’M DURGA. I cannot stop revolutionizing spirituality and freeing it from its dusty, old layers. I fall in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth-savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, visionary leaders, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently.“ My soul purpose is to bring forth a new spirituality. I am a spiritual leader for other women leaders. Our time has come to save this world. We are ready.

My STORY, in brief: I worked for years as a creative director, and at the same time I had many mystic experiences. Finally my experiences led me to India, where I found my spiritual home. Fifteen years ago, I founded La Lumiere, a modern ashram. People joined from all over the world.

Three years ago, after a decade and a half of teaching spiritual workshops, reading the Akasha and teaching Feng Shui and ACC spiritual consultants, a higher calling arrived. My online program : “Manifesting your Soul. Your Soulvision for the new earth” is based on what I know , we dreamed this time together in heaven and this program will find out why you are here right now. https://manifestingyoursoul.leadpages.co/manifesting-your-soul-diy/

RIGHT NOW I DO : SOULGATHERINGS for pioneers and worldchangers to find community of network.

Working on a spiritual leadership program and a book about : FEMININE SPIRITUALITY

About Durga Holzhauser’s Soul Art

My soulart takes me deep into my body . I use it to paint parts of my soul, and different aspects of me to come into form.

What does Soul Art mean to Durga Holzhauser?

To embody my soul and my visions .