Jenny Geuken's Soul Art

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Jenny Geuken

I am a global spiritual social worker who loves art and has found the wonderful healing that art can be to many people. I am now a soul art student ready to guide others through their own wonderful journeys. To follow my art and soul art you can add me to istagram on jennygeuken_awakened_art.
I also have a humanitarien and coaching outreach called the yes effect. Feel free to join in as more soul art will become a part of it.

About Jenny Geuken's Soul Art

This piece was the first soul art i ever created. It took me through the heavy vail of perfectionism and fear to play and insight. It taught me the beauty in my feminine power and what greatness can come from my devine femininity. It was to beautify the world, not hide in a shell.

What does Soul Art mean to Jenny Geuken?

Soul art to me means that through the power of creation, we are connecting to our higher self, our soul is given room to speak and it is filled with wisdom we did not know we possessed. Through the soul art process, devine guidance flows.