Nina Berzbach's Soul Art

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Nina Berzbach

My background as artist is in set design and I worked for the opera house in Dresden and Cologne until I had some crucial life changes that brought me to travel in Australia. The country opened me up to a complete new level of life experience, adventure and a sense of freedom I never felt before. I am living in Cologne right now working in the corporate world that supports me of becoming a soul art guide and a yoga teacher in the near future.

About Nina Berzbach's Soul Art

This Bodymapping soul art piece is called "Underwater Love" and it is made with the intention of what is my future website all about? How does the structure, heart and soul looks like? It has many layers and I compare the process of creation with an old red wine that has to sit and breath until it is ready to unfold its amazing taste. My "underwater love" describes the journey of the heroine Underworld goddess who dives into the deep to transform and rebirth and she is held and protected by the nutritious water at the same time. This symbolizes my own journey and path, diving deep and deeper to discover hidden treasures . This piece is also a starting point for a book that I am going to write which will be an adventurous fairy tale through the body landscape and its magical places. The process itself feels very fluid and feminine in its nature and it has its own rhythm when it is finished. I can feel that different parts of my body are creating digital spaces to grow later into a platform of expansion, consciousness and imagination.

What does Soul Art mean to Nina Berzbach?

Soul Art means to connect with my inner spirit on a daily basis and to express what wants to be expressed deeply. It helps me to create my life on my own terms, makes me walk through barriers and block and supports my growth to become the person I always wanted be. It means that the Art I produce is sacred and has meaning and a profound effect not only on me but also for others who experience it . Soul Art opened my heart and all other creative channels so that I can turn on my inner guidance any time and feel always guided and protected.