Harma Margrieta's Soul Art

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Harma Margrieta

Through my whole life, I have felt "different" and an outsider. Through time I have discovered that my difference is in the connection with "the other side". I am a multi-dimensional being with an extraordinary consciousness who is extraordinarily sensitive and has an extraordinary intelligence. Often I feel a gap in between me and the outside world. For a great deal of my life I have done my best to fit in and to a certain extent I was "successful". Of course, there was a price to it, an eating disorder, sleeping problems, an autoimmune disease. I managed up to 2009 when something crucial happened in my life causing "the foundation where my life was built on to crack open and I fell through it" and ever since "I feel lost". The years following have been in sign of searching my way back home and creating a new foundation. Two crucial steps in this search back home are my three years in Jordan and the reconnection with my creativity. Discovering Soul Art and the Soul Art Certification Program are the last missing pieces of the puzzle making the creation of a new foundation complete.

When I bring this all together: this life experience, the multi-dimensionality and becoming a Soul Art Guide, I am ready now to guide other wandering souls creating finding their way back home.

About Harma Margrieta's Soul Art

From Conducting Stardust to Rainbow Reality

This Soul Art piece marks the beginning, ending and completion of my healing journey.

The journey started on Soul Art Day in 2016 doing my first Soul Art Journey ever. From a tracing of my midsection, this developed into a full body map laid out in stones in my garden adding lace fabric and white flowers. It reflects my body as an appropriate template for my spirit. Lying in this template symbolizes my spirit moving back into the body. This is also the embodiment of “alignment”. While lying in my Body Map my main insight was: I am conducting stardust through my body into this reality. Looking back on it, I realize that this is also the "why" of my existence.

To fully embody this insight a full year of Soul Art followed by doing the Body Mapping part of the Soul Art course. Looking back on this year I would describe it as: "through rainbow healing creating a rainbow foundation to channel rainbow wisdom (or rainbow visions) through my rainbow body into a rainbow reality".

Today, one year later on Soul Art Day 2017 the circle is round and this journey is complete. I have (almost) completed the first level of the Soul Art Certification program and I am now guiding other on their Soul Art Journeys.

What does Soul Art mean to Harma Margrieta?

Soul Art Journeys are my rainbow bridge connecting my inner and outer world, being "here" in this reality and "there" on the other side at the same time. All the Soul Art journeys I have done in the last year have been transformational journeys in where I have moved through many inner blockages and obstacles. This has helped me to ground and integrate my pain and black alchemizing it into gold experiencing the full-color range of life. Through Soul Art Journeys my reality has changed, it has helped me to move back into my body and experience more alignment in my life..

In Soul Art I have found new ways of expressing myself. It helps me to make my inner world visible and tangible so I can talk to it and doable so I can experience. It helps me to ground and integrate my multi-dimensional and extraordinary way of being. It also helps me to fit in my spirit into the template of my body so I am able to be here and there at the same time conducting my stardust into this rainbow reality.